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  • Oxford10 Summer Party 2019

    29/06 7.30pm-1.00am
    Dance the night away with fellow recent Oxford graduates and friends
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  • Lloyd North Song Hour

    30/06 2.00-3.00pm
    Music to chill by, beach-style, breezy, easy-listening
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  • The Offdays + support

    01/07 8.00-11.00pm
    The Offdays, Owen Petch, Joss, Indica Palm Radio, Bryony Dunn. £6 on door.
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  • Floating Jazz Club 02/07

    02/07 7.30-11.30pm
    Boat ticketed until 9.30pm (inside only, outside open)
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  • Urban Surf Boat Party

    07/07 12.00-6.00pm
    Calling all ocean lovers of London & beyond to support Wave Project London
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  • Rojaz Music

    08/07 8.30-11.30pm
    ROJAZ and Emma Sand live acoustic session
    RnB, soul, and indie live music. Free entry.
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  • The King is Dead

    09/07 7.00-11.00pm
    3 of the best current upcoming bands: The King is Dead, Delaire the Liar, El Moono
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  • James Gittins

    14/07 7.00pm-1.00am
    Live funk and disco. Free entry
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  • The Boat That Rocks

    23/07 7.00pm-1.00am
    Gretchin, Lewis Speirs and Basement Strippers
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  • Ukulele Wednesdays 26/06

    26/06 7.30pm
    Ukulele Wednesdays website
    Ukulele jam, strumming and singalong

Did you know?

Bastille played one of their first gigs here.

Did you know?

Frank Skinner named Tamesis as one of his favourite secret London spots, shhhhh!

Did you know?

Tamesis was used for transportation during WW2 after which she remained in Paris.

Did you know?

In another life Tamesis was a Dutch champagne barge ferrying between Paris & Holland.

Did you know?

Tamesis was the ancient name for the River Thames.

26/06 7.30pm | Ukulele Wednesdays on lower deck | Uke jam, strumming & singalong...